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We have a range of packages designed to suit creative agencies

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Do you want a Virtual Assistant at your side every week?

Little Miss Useful offers several pre-paid virtual assistant packages that allow you to have continued access to your very own Virtual Assistant.

Pre-Paid packages are an extremely cost effective way of having your very own Virtual Assistants.  The benefits of taking advantage of our pre-paid plans are that you know exactly what you are up for every month and you set the limit on what your budget and needs allow for.

If you don’t need a dedicated VA we can offer as required hourly work starting at $53/hour.

Each virtual assistant package includes the following services (and more).


We can help edit your videos


We can help manage your membership program


We can manage your social media channels


We can create content for your social media pages


We can update your website


We can send email newsletters for you


We can create business graphics for you

Australian Virtual Assistant Packages

This package gives you your very own Australian Virtual Assistant. You can pick and choose how many hours per month you need (or we can create a custom package if you prefer).

Your VA is dedicated to you specific hours each month.

Monthly Virtual Assistant Packages

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