I am participating in the ’31 Days to Build a Better Blog Challenge’ run by Darren Rowse at Pro Blogger. The challenge for day 2 was to write a list to blog post. Recently I posted a blog title ‘Tasks your Virtual Assistant can complete in an hour’.   My current focus is planning an event for a client, so I decided to create a variation of my previous list and provide a list of 20 event planning tasks your Virtual Assistant could do in one hour.

  1. Research venues and compile a shortlist
  2. Research potential vendors and organise quotes
  3. Research sponsors for the event
  4. Research entertainers for the night
  5. Compile a guest list and/or an attendee database
  6. Create/monitor a sponsorship database
  7. Create a sponsorship document for potential sponsors
  8. Brainstorm themes and colour schemes
  9. Create an invitation
  10. Create a flyer for the event
  11. Update details on the event website
  12. Create invitations for an event
  13. Mail out 100 invitations, including stuffing and labelling envelopes
  14. Research accommodation options and travel for attendees
  15. Organise logistics and travel for attendees
  16. Organise catering for an event
  17. Compile a run-sheet for the event
  18. Create name badges for attendees
  19. Follow up on potential attendees
  20. Assist with invoicing attendees and sponsors